Restore Our Heritage!

Grace and peace!

Let me continue sharing what God has put on our hearts this Prayer Week, and may it be an encouragement to all of you.

The second of the three passages we have been particularly inspired by is Joel 2’s instruction to call a solemn assembly of prayer. In particular we have been encouraged by the promise of Joel 2:16-17 that

    when all of the people respond to that call and pray “Lord, restore your heritage”, *then* the Lord will be zealous and have mercy, restoring what the locusts have eaten and afterwards pouring out the Spirit in power


We have identified seven ‘ancient wells’ of Christian virtue that are evident in Cambridge’s history which we pray God would restore: persevering in Prayer, making known the Word of God, seeking Wisdom, expressing Creativity, speaking out for Justice, extending Mercy, and going in Mission. We are partnering with Christian Heritage to do a free Guided Walk each day (from the Round Church, 2-3pm) on the relevant theme, as well as daily putting up a video on Youtube and a post on Blogspot to try and inspire people to join us in praying for restoration and revival in every sphere of life.

Today we are praying for Wisdom. Please join us at 2pm at the Round Church if you’re around!

Your partner in prayer,



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