Prescott Prayer Letter: Halloween’ His Name


Greetings from Cambridge,
where we are hallowing God’s name, and praying that His kingdom would come!

Reformation Anniversary
It was four hundred and ninety-nine years ago today, in another university town, that a young Christian thinker published an evangelical manifesto that was to unleash revival and reformation on an unprecedented scale. The town was Wittenberg in Germany; the man was Martin Luther; the publication was his Ninety-Five Theses critiquing the corruption of the medieval church. At the heart of the controversy was a theological question: what is repentance?.

It was — and is! — a question that cuts to the heart of the Christian faith. Indeed, the biblical summary of Jesus’ message is this: ‘Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand’ (Matt. 4:17). But by the Middle Ages that simple gospel message had been lost under various layers of legalistic tradition and doctrinal misunderstanding. In the original Greek of the New Testament the word for ‘repent’ is Metanoiete–‘to change one’s mind or purpose’. But it the Latin Vulgate translation used by the medieval church it was rendered Poenitentiam agite, which had developed connotations of ritual penitence, giving rise to the notion that divine forgiveness was something that could be earned or bought. Please pray with us that the simple gospel message of free forgiveness through the Cross of Christ would once again impact Europe!

A new DTS has begun
Meanwhile a new Revival & Reformation Discipleship Training School has begun, and God is at work in marvelous ways. Last week I heard two amazing testimonies. One girl was surprised to find that the physical scars of past self-harm had disappeared — they had been miraculously healed! And another was astonished that when she tried to join in with one of the songs of worship at the end of a prayer meeting and suddenly found herself singing out in a language she didn’t know! So praise God for the presence — and presents! — of the Holy Spirit! (And if you’re interested, here’s my attempt to explain my understanding of spiritual gifts.)

This year's Revival & Reformation DTS
This week the team is in Dunkirk, France, serving at the refugee camp. Pray that the Holy Spirit would help them to demonstrate the love of God in word and deed.

Stepping back for a season
But we ourselves are not in Dunkirk — because we are not part of this year’s DTS team. In good missionary style, having spent the last three years pioneering YWAM Cambridge’s DTS we are now stepping back to allow new leaders to step up.

But that makes it sound like we had skilfully planned this. The honest truth is that by the end of the last DTS we were leading, we were feeling pretty burnt out. God had done some amazing things, but we were overstretched — like butter scraped over too much bread. Like Elijah and Jonah, in their less glorious moments. We returned to Cambridge three years ago with a vision for the sort of revival community you see in Acts 2, a willingness to do whatever we could to bring that into being, — and no kids! And now the situation has developed a little!

So we have stepped back from the thick of YWAM Cambridge madness: we have moved house (send Christmas cards to The Prescotts, Oak Villa–Extension Flat, Madingley Road, Coton, Cambridgeshire CB23 7PH), Taryn is working hard looking after Isaac and Anu, and I have stepped off the YWAM Cambridge leadership team and am spending my time working through the whole of the Bible. Which is a real privilege. Oh how I love your law! It is my meditation all the day long!.

One last thing!
Oh, and I must remember to mention the Lausanne Younger Leaders Gathering, that I was at in Indonesia. This was a gathering of a thousand Christian leaders aged 25-35 from around the world–represented in my small group were China, Egypt, Canada, the Philippines, Angola and Malaysia. There was teaching from a broad cross-section of the global evangelical church: old intellectuals like Ravi Zacharias and Os Guinness, younger missional visionaries like David Platt, fiery Chinese house-church leaders; there were opportunities to pray together for the fulfilment of God’s purposes in our generation and to dream dreams of how we might be involved; and there was the delight of Indonesian food! Here’s a short video to give you the flavour (of the Gathering, not the food!)

Much love,
Peter & Taryn, Isaac and Anu

Prescott Prayer Letter: Our New Baby

It’s taken us a few weeks to send this prayer letter, but we are delighted to announce the arrival of our beautiful baby daughter. Emmanuelle Dawn Inge Prescott was born 2nd July at 7:39 pm, weighing 7 lb 9 oz. Her name is Emmanuelle , because God is with us (Matt.1:23). But you can call her Anu (EmmANUelle), which is an Indian name.


Taryn writes:
God is faithful. I still can’t believe how different Anu’s birth was from Isaac’s; my heart is bursting with gratitude.

So the due date came, and – nothing.

The next day, I woke up early, feeling disheartened, uncomfortable and impatient. My mum (who has come from India to help look after us) was up too, and I read her Psalm 29, which is my psalm for this year, having just turned 29. ‘The voice of the Lord makes the deer give birth’, it says. I told Mum, ‘that’s what I want, for God to speak, at just the right moment, and the baby to be born.’ Pretty soon, everyone else woke up and the Day Which Would Turn Out to be Significant began. I sorted out a misunderstanding with Peter that morning. The rubber wellington boots we had ordered to give to Isaac as a gift (to sweeten the occasion of him meeting his little sister) arrived in the mail. I was particularly hungry at lunchtime and ate quite a lot. I took an afternoon nap. I got to spend some quality time with Isaac in our cosy rocking chair, reading stories and practising counting. All these things meant that I felt rested, physically strong, and, most importantly, assured that all was well between me and my loved ones.

The stage was set, and the action began quite suddenly. At 6:13, I had turned my phone on and seen a text from a close friend of ours. It said: ‘How are you? Praying for you and the little girl.’ And as I saw it, I suddenly had something that felt very much like a contraction. Had the voice of the Lord spoken, was this ‘deer’ about to give birth? We sat down to dinner at 6:15, and I said, hesitantly, not wanting to cause too much of a stir if it wasn’t the real thing, ‘I just had quite a strong cramp’, and we began to eat, but within minutes, another contraction followed and then another in quick succession – maybe three or four minutes apart. I was having to stop eating and concentrate on my breathing. Isaac watched me in fascinated concern: ‘what’s Mummy doing?’ Then, when he discerned that something was obviously up but Peter and Mum didn’t seem to be doing anything about it, decided he would sort me out himself – ‘Come with me to the next room, Mummy.’ I love that kid.

I left my half-eaten dinner and went upstairs, thinking I would need to lie down/get in some warm water and wait it out, because it took days last time and they were reluctant to let me come in to the Rosie Birth Centre. The contractions were coming hard and fast, so Peter called the Birth Centre.

‘Hello, my wife’s gone into labour.’
‘Okay, put her on the line. Now, Taryn, how long ago did these contractions start?’

I was dreading this part, where they try and ascertain over the phone how much pain you are in, but a nice long, strong contraction obligingly showed up, which meant that after squeaking out ‘about half an hour ago’ I was unable to say anything very coherent to the lady. This was precisely what needed to happen.

‘You better bring her in!’ she said.

It took us a while to get down the stairs and into the car because I kept having to throw myself down on all fours to breathe my way through another contraction. Peter managed to be omnipresent, getting the hospital bag, the wellies and the newborn car seat into the car and still be beside me for each contraction. My mum took Isaac out for a walk, and we set off for the hospital.

Things started feeling pretty urgent at this point. It seemed like every time I had a contraction we were at a red light, but they were starting to feel like ‘pushing’ contractions. We pulled up in the Rosie parking lot and a cluster of midwives ran to the car:

‘How far along is she?’
‘Oh, I see.’
‘She’ll need a wheelchair.’

I think it was about 7:30 at this point.

They wheeled me hurriedly in to a birthing room. My waters broke as I entered the room. I just about managed to get on the bed and take a gulp of gas and air (also known as laughing gas! — everything kind of slows down and gets quite surreal as you breathe it in) and then as I pushed again, my mind thought groggily ‘He will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is fixed on Him… no wait, that’s not how it goes… something’s wrong with that sentence… I’m a ‘her’, that’s what it is, ‘he will keep in perfect peace HER whose mind is fixed on him…’ I felt so overwhelmed by a sense of peace and wellbeing and that the midwife actually had to ask me to put the gas and air down and concentrate! One last push, and then there was the sound of a baby crying lustily. It was 7:39 p.m. Before I knew it, I had the most beautiful little girl I have ever seen wrapped in towels and lying on my chest. Peter and I were looking at each other, vision blurred by tears of joy, and he kept saying ‘You did it! You did it!’

Labour started at 6:13 and ended at 7:39. One hour and twenty-six minutes. Apparently 2% of women have an active labour of less than three hours – it’s called ‘precipitate labour’. God cut that in half – mine was less than one and a half hours. We could barely believe it.

Anu came out with one hand raised over her head, apparently. That night, I kept thinking,

‘This is how I want to live and die
With a song of praise and my hands lifted high’.

Thank you for praying and standing with us. Can’t wait for all of you to meet little Anu.

Lots of love,
Peter & Taryn, Isaac and Anu

Prescott Prayer Letter: Let’s Rejoice Together!

“For what is our hope or joy or crown of boasting before our Lord Jesus at his coming? Is it not you? For you are our glory and joy.” 1 Thessalonians 2:19-20

One of the great joys of being part of the family of God is being able to boast in each other, because, after all, we are one Body. Our DTS outreach team has returned from the refugee camps of Greece, sun-bronzed and joyful, overflowing with testimonies of God’s faithfulness. We wanted to share a few of these stories with you, because you have been a part of making this possible!

According to the team leaders, one of the biggest highlights of the outreach was seeing the team move in Spirit-led unity to bring the Kingdom in what is arguably one of the most difficult situations on the earth right now. We had mentioned in our last newsletter that the team had gotten to baptise an Iraqi guy in Lesvos who then baptised others. Apparently, the ripple effect didn’t stop there! When the team got to Athens, they met another Muslim young man with whom they shared this testimony, and his initial reaction was ‘I am saddened that someone would turn away from Islam and choose Jesus’. However, as the team spent time with him, something changed in his heart: ‘I feel like I see the face of God in you’, he admitted. One of the team members felt a special burden to pray very hard for this young man, and, minutes before the team was due to take the last tram out of Athens, he also decided to give his life to Jesus!

I’m sure you have all read the story of Paul in Acts 17 using the altar ‘to the unknown god’ to proclaim the gospel. Well, one really moving experience for the team was spending the night worshipping in the very same place, the Areopagus (or Mars Hill), and building an altar ‘to the known God’ there! One of the team leaders testifies: ‘God is totally at work in the refugee camps… [we met] new Iranian and Kurdish believers who had had visions of Jesus in Thessaloniki. So much more I could say: endless drinking chai and playing with kids, tearful goodbyes that made us realise that genuine friendships had been established, mind-boggling generosity from refugees towards us.” We have read about people in the Muslim world having visions of Jesus, but it was incredibly exciting for the team to actually have a conversation with a young man who had dreamed of a man on a white horse, whom they were able to identify as Jesus from Revelation 6!

If one member suffers, all suffer together; if one member is honoured, all rejoice together” (1 Corinthians 12:26). Rejoice with us as we rejoice in and honour our outreach team! They have done so well in walking in obedience, unity and joy, and we are proud of them as we shoot them like arrows from our quiver into to whatever God has for them next. As they stood up to share testimonies of the past nine months at their graduation last Tuesday, there were tears of joy in their eyes, and they were unanimous in declaring that they are not the same people they were nine months ago. Praise our glorious God who really does change hearts and bring his Kingdom through ordinary people!

Much love,
Peter, Taryn & Isaac

PS. And it’s now just two weeks until the due date of our little baby! Taryn’s mum will be arriving from India on Friday to stay for a few weeks and help us manage life with another little person in the family. Please pray for a safe delivery.

Prescott Prayer Letter: Barrenness&Fruitfulness


Dear Friends,

April and May are strange months for us, as our team is away on outreach. Speaking in parables, we have ‘planted the seeds’, ‘launched the space shuttle’, ‘created the baby’, and now? Now, we wait and pray hard that our efforts will be fruitful. After three years of leading the Revival and Reformation DTS and six years of full-time ministry (the whole of our married lives!) we find ourselves stopping and asking whether it has been worth it. So we’ve been seeking His face, and He has been meeting with us in our times of Bible study and prayer. We pray he will lift your spirits as we share the journey He has been taking us on, from discouragement and weariness to hope and even elation.

‘By this my Father is glorified, that you bear much fruit and so prove to be my disciples.’ (John 15:8)

‘Yes!’ is the cry of our hearts. We have wanted nothing less than ‘night and day prayer in Cambridge, overflowing in mission to the ends of the earth’! We have caught hold of the vision of not just planting one house of prayer, but of ‘multiplying discipleship’, of disciple who make disciples who make disciples who make disciples… –We don’t just want some fruit, we have wanted much fruit.

‘Cast your bread upon the waters, for you will find it after many days.’ (Ecc 11:1)

We have ‘cast the bread’ and ‘scattered the seed’ indiscriminately, just as the farmer does in the parable in Mark 4. We have been out doing evangelism at least a hundred times on the streets of Cambridge, and have given our time and energy to train twenty-two young missionary leaders (that’s just our three R&R DTSes) to imitate Christ, as we ourselves seek to do. Through our efforts, literally thousands of people have heard the good news of Jesus! We’ve hosted house-church for two and a half years almost non-stop; that’s more than a hundred meals, Bible-studies, hours of people encountering the life-changing power of the Word and of Christian fellowship. We have given away six albums for free download, and shared our hearts vulnerably on our blogs, hoping to impact unseen internet-users across the world.

‘And Peninnah had children, but Hannah had no children… She was deeply distressed and prayed to the Lord and wept bitterly.’ (1 Sam. 1:2b, 10)

‘What strikes you from this passage?’ I asked Peter as we were reading 1 Samuel the other day, and his answer surprised me: ‘I really relate to Hannah’s feeling of barrenness.’ Even more surprising was my answer, considering how heavily pregnant I am: ‘Me too.’ It is hard sometimes to quantify or even see our fruit, and yet we feel ‘poured out like a drink offering’ (Phil. 2:17). Peter puts it, ‘Maybe it’s good when you get to the point where you feel like you have nothing left, because that must mean you’ve given everything!’

‘He sleeps and rises night and day, and the seed sprouts and grows: he knows not how.’ (Mark 4:27)

‘He sleeps’ –so there is a time for the farmer to rest, step back, allow things to take their course. Meanwhile, ‘the seed grows: he knows not how’ – there is a necessary powerlessness; he cannot make the seed grow. ‘I am the vine; you are the branches. Whoever abides in me and I in him, he it is that bears much fruit, for apart from me you can do nothing.’ (John 15:5) It is humbling to come face to face with our own dependence – ultimately, it is the LORD who brings about the harvest.

“Sing, O barren one, who did not bear; break forth into singing and cry aloud, you who have not been in labor! For the children of the desolate one will be more than the children of her who is married,” says the LORD. (Isaiah 54:1)

There was a moment of silence after we shared our sense of barrenness. I picked up my guitar and started singing a line Peter had written from his meditations on Job:

A new dawn is coming
We’re standing at the break of day
Though I die, I will live
I declare in Jesus’ name

We sang it over and over, at first softly and almost tearfully, but by the end, loudly and with joy. Then we stopped, and Peter grinned and said, ‘Yes. God is good.’

We have seen the first tender seedlings springing up. We hear exciting reports from our team in Greece that one of the young Muslim men they shared the gospel with and baptised has now baptised two of his friends–and a few days later another message tells us to ‘make that four’. Multiplication! Another of our past DTS trainees (one who found evangelism a real struggle when she was here) reports with great joy that she has been out sharing the gospel with people on the streets of New York and saw a Jamaican girl accept Jesus as Lord and Saviour! Another who did a DTS with us and then spent two years with us in Cambridge, has just written from Mexico, where she is now doing a School of Biblical Studies in Mexico, encouraging our Cambridge team in the faith and telling us of her plans to go long-term to Bolivia. Yes, the seeds are growing. Yes, the harvest will be plentiful. Yes, the Lord is faithful.

With much love,
Peter, Taryn, Isaac and the Bump

Prescott Prayer Letter: Spaceship Blasting Off


Dear Friends,

If our DTS was a space shuttle blasting off, then the last time we emailed you it was still at the blast-off stage. There’s the countdown, then the display of fiery power as the shuttle streaks upwards, its progress seeming surprisingly slow when watched from afar. It leaves a vertical blaze of glory across the sky and everyone holds their breath hoping it won’t spontaneously explode in midair – and it doesn’t, the shuttle is off! That was the first term of DTS.

The second term was a bit like trying to leave Earth’s atmosphere – we began to feel the resistance. The first thing that happened was that, over the Christmas break, one of our trainees felt the Lord leading her to leave the DTS. She decided to return home to the States and set some things right with her family, as well as settle some financial debts. She did not leave because she was unhappy with the DTS, but her sudden and unexpected departure certainly affected the dynamics of the group. Suddenly, this question was highlighted as a valid one: “Is God calling me to continue with the DTS, and to go on outreach?” A lot of time and energy was spent wrestling through this question with almost every one of the trainees, and contending for the unity of what would eventually become the outreach team. We are not unaware of the Enemy’s schemes (2 Cor 2:11). And there was also definitely spiritual warfare over what the Lord was leading the outreach team to do: go to Greece and work with refugees.

We saw, in the midst of this tension, a beautiful willingness in both staff and trainees to humble themselves and seek unity and reconciliation, and the outreach team left for Greece on the 4th of April intact and full of courage. They have been working at a refugee camp on the Greek Island of Lesvos, helping distribute clothing and food and running a children’s programme at a local hotel where vulnerable families are housed. Although outright evangelism is disallowed, they have been able to share testimonies with their translators and, excitingly, got to connect with one man who has been having dreams about a ‘shining white man on a white horse’. One of our staff members even got to baptise a young man in the ocean! There wasn’t a place shallow enough for a conventional ‘dunking’, so they decided to dive off of a dock into the ocean together, as a picture of being immersed in the death and resurrection of Jesus! They are now settling into their second outreach location, in Athens.

The plan had always been for Peter and I to blast the space shuttle of the outreach team off into outer space, and then fall back, like booster rockets. We are now finding ourselves in a time of transition as a family. We are helping a bit with the new Discipleship Training School, which started as soon as the September DTS left! I (Taryn), am transitioning into a season of full-time mothering, with my baby bump making its presence felt, and Isaac having fully metamorphosed from portable baby to very active almost-two-year-old. Peter has felt the Lord speaking to him about this next year being a sort of Sabbatical year, it being our seventh year of full-time ministry after we got married and ‘dived straight in’ in 2010.

There was one very significant prayer meeting where the other YWAM Cambridge staff were praying for Peter and felt the Lord give him two guiding words. One was Psalm 40:6, ‘In sacrifice and offering you have not delighted, but my ear you have pierced’ – this seemed to be a picture of the slave who chooses to stay with a good master though he might go free, and binds himself to him by piercing his ear to the door with an awl (Exodus 21:6, Deut. 15:17). The other was a prophetic image of Peter being ‘like a horse lapping up water in preparation for a long journey’. The combination of these two words seemed to suggest the Lord was leading us, and Peter specifically, into a time of being filled up and re-committing himself to the Lord in preparation for many years of future ministry. At the same meeting, a friend mentioned having enrolled herself in YWAM’s online SBS, a rigorous Bible study programme that inductively goes through every book of the Bible.

So over the course of the next year and a half, Peter will be carving out some space in his schedule to do this course part-time. He’s already started charting out the book of Galatians! He’ll continue to be involved with YWAM Cambridge ministry: discipleship, evangelism, prayer, worship. But we are passing leadership of next September’s 9-month DTS on to one of our staff team, and Peter will be stepping back somewhat from some of the management responsibilities that he has carried.

Grace, peace, and love,
Peter, Taryn, Isaac and the Littlest One

Prescott Prayer Letter: B is for Boulders and…


Taryn writes:

Dear friends and family,

We have made it to the end of the first term of our third nine-month Revival and Reformation DTS! You might have guessed from the length of time between the last newsletter and this one that we’ve been Quite Busy. It’s been thirteen weeks with eight trainees, five live-in DTS staff, three off-base staff couples and us – teaching in the mornings, lunch together, staff meetings/work duties in the afternoon, a mad cycle ride into town for two hours of prayer and worship with Cambridge House of Prayer, sandwiches for dinner together, a mad cycle ride back, and then a few hours in the evening off, and so the schedule trundles on. Fridays are a meeting marathon, with five meetings one after the other, and on Saturdays we do a big cooked breakfast at our house, and then head out for some street evangelism. Then there’s Sunday lunch and Bible study, and then a much-needed day off on Monday, phew! Add an active and ever-growing toddler to the mix and voila! This is our life and we are grateful.

God has been doing a deep work in all of our hearts these past few months. You might have heard us talking about digging up the ‘ancient wells’ of revival and reformation in this city, just as Isaac in Genesis 26 reopened the wells that his father had dug, which the Philistines had blocked up. The metaphor of wells also applies to our own hearts, and as we’ve been asking God to take us into deeper waters of revelation of who He is (Psalm 42, Ezekiel 47) we feel like He has been highlighting ‘boulders’, sinful attitudes or issues from our past which are stopping the ‘streams of living water’ (John 7:38) from flowing. He has been doing a deep work of sanctifying us as we embrace vulnerability and openness to challenge or encouragement (James 5:16, Galatians 6:2) within the safe context of family (1 John 3:1, 1 John 1:7) and friendship. We have been blessed with a wonderful group of people this year who have been willing to wholeheartedly pursue God and allow Him to work in their hearts even when it is painful, and so we have seen a lot of tears, laughter and growth, and experienced such sweet fellowship together. We are not the same people we were three months ago, by the grace of God!

This year, YWAM Cambridge was asked to host the ‘DTS Gathering’, a sort of evangelism ‘boot-camp’ when different DTSes from around England and even Europe gather together for a week of worship, teaching and practical evangelism training. We spent the week with eighty or so other YWAMers camping on the church floor of St. Andrew’s Street Baptist Church, going out on the streets to share the love of Jesus with people in various creative ways. We saw about thirty people responding in faith to the gospel on the streets, and many DTS trainees testifying to a new boldness in evangelism! It was a huge challenge and encouragement for YWAM Cambridge, young as it is, to host something this big – but by the grace of God and through many people’s prayers and hard work, it was a huge success.

We have been pressing on with Sunday Lunch house-church and recently celebrated the baptism of our friend Linda, a single mum who lives next-door to one of the YWAM houses, and who we’ve gradually got to know over the last year or so. She’s been joining us most weeks with her energetic eight-year old son Adam, and the transformation Jesus has worked in her heart is evident for all to see. “He’s changed the way I think and feel! I speak to him all the time and I am not worried any more!” she testifies, with shining eyes. Also a part of our little but lively living-room congregation is Mrittunjoy, a Hindu friend who is doing a PhD in Quantum Physics at Christ’s College who has come numerous times with searching questions about Jesus and testimonies of how God has been revealing himself to him. And we’ve recently connected with Anna, a Polish lady that one of our team met during the recent Gathering we hosted, who has been coming with her two-year-old son. One of the highlights of our year was the day she said, after Bible study, “I have a question: if you heart is closed to God, how do you open your heart to him?” We all froze, praying we wouldn’t mess this moment up, and then one of us suggested that she pray and open her heart up to Jesus, and, spontaneously, she prayed these very words: “Jesus, please cleanse my heart”! It is moments like that that make all the busyness worthwhile.

And now for the other word that begins with ‘B’ – you guessed it! Peter and I are going to have another baby! The due date is July 1st, 2016. We are very excited and grateful. We’ve had our first scan and the little one is healthy and happy. Isaac doesn’t quite understand what is about to happen, but he is extremely (if somewhat boisterously) delighted whenever he sees a baby.

Please pray for joy and endurance for us as we prepare for the next term. We have another couple of months of DTS lecture phase in a similar vein to the last three months, before our team flies out on outreach to engage with the European migrant crisis, seeking to serve and share the gospel with the stream of Syrian refugees seeking asylum. Peter has also been asked to be one of the speakers at Leeds University Christian Union‘s mission week, so pray for him — and for all of us, in all we do — to persuasively give a reason for the hope that we have with gentleness and respect (1 Peter 3:15).

Thank you for your prayers and all the ways you support us. We really couldn’t do this without you.
With much love and gratitude,
Peter, Taryn, Isaac, and the Littlest One.

PS. Oh, and as a belated gift: the new, messy, joyous sound that has been the soundtrack of the journey we’ve been on as the YWAM Cambridge family is now available for free online – please do download it and sing along!

Prescott Prayer Letter: Doors Are Opening

doorsHey Everybody!
Grace and peace to you all from us here in Cambridge.

We’re four weeks into the DTS
We’re just coming to the end of our fourth week of Revival & Reformation Discipleship Training School, and I thought I’d send a quick update. Danny and Sarah Wickstrom (they’re siblings), two of the fantastic young leaders on our DTS team, have put together the below video to try and give you a glimpse of what the rhythms of our life look like:

Particularly exciting is that the couple that you can see me talking to a minute into the video actually gave their lives to Christ and became Christians! Their names were Sabari and Nitesh, and they were visiting Cambridge from Leicester, and they’d just stopped to have a look at the raise map of the city when we struck up conversation with them, using our using our multicoloured gospel bracelets to talk about the meaning of life. They were from a Hindu background but mentioned that they’d recently lost faith! We were able to share the whole gospel message with them, and when we reached the end and asked if they had any questions the response was a sincere and genuine ‘Yes, I have one question: How do I actually receive this?’ In spite of being overwhelmed at the way the Holy Spirit had swung open the door of their hearts, we managed to stay on track and lead them in a simple prayer receiving God’s gift of salvation! We then gave them a copy of Mark’s gospel and encouraged them to tell one of the Christian friends who they had mentioned had invited them to an Alpha Course some years before (‘–but it hadn’t quite made sense then’) As Jesus told his disciples: “Others have laboured, and you have entered into their labour” (John 4:38).

I’m speaking at Oxford Brookes CU Retreat this weekend
I’d particularly value your prayers right now for me as I’ve been invited to be the main speaker at a weekend retreat for Oxford Brookes University Christian Union. It was very much a God-ordained thing that I was given the invitation: I bumped into a friend from YWAM Harpenden during the summer who is now a student at Oxford Brookes and on the CU committee. She was expressing the difficulty they were having finding a speaker, and suddenly said ‘It would be great if you could come–but of course that would never work!’ ‘Why not?’ I asked, and that door swung open!

I’ll be doing three sessions on Revelation 12:11: And they have overcome him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, for they loved not their lives even unto death. Please pray for an impartation of faith and joyful confidence in the finished work of Christ on the cross.

I haven’t had the chance to speak to university students since I first started working as an evangelist in Cambridge, when I was asked to do a session on the Holy Spirit at a CU retreat involving my own Churchill College. And so it’s exciting and encouraging to have that sort of opportunity again!

Preparing to host a week of Cambridge mission
Please also pray for us as we prepare to host a Gathering of a few different YWAM teams for a week of worship, evangelism training and outreach from 25-30 October. We’ll be joined by DTSes from Spain and England, as well as some of the IMPACT team from the Netherlands and from Spain who will be doing an event on the Thursday night. Please pray for the logistics and administration in the run-up, and for the week to be a time of breakthrough for the participants and of the advance of God’s kingdom in Cambridge.

Grace and peace,

Prescott Prayer Letter: Awakening Is Coming!

Beloved friends and family!

Two things: –we’ve recorded another album that will be available soon;
-and the R&R DTS is about to start, but it’s still possible for people to join!

So first, we’ve been busily preparing for this upcoming Revival & Reformation DTS, which starts in a week, on September 21st, and continues until June. It feels like the most prepared we’ve ever been, but there’s still a lot to be done — as well as a huge amount of excitement about what God is going to do in all of our lives over these next nine months. I believe that this is a time when those involved with the DTS will have the chance to deepen their roots in God, through delighting in His word and receiving from His Spirit, so that they can produce much fruit — filled with seed, to grow more trees, to produce more fruit, filled with more seed, for more trees, for more fruit, for more seed… and so on! I believe it will be a time of individually awakening to a greater sense of the reality of who God is, so that each one can take their place in all that God is doing on the earth in our generation.

As we’ve been praying and preparing, I’ve had a strong sense that we should press in and keep asking God ‘the Lord of the Harvest’ to send us a full complement of labourers for the harvest field. We have space to potentially accept one more girl and three more guys. If you know anyone from 18-40 who might be interested, then please inform them of this opportunity. Even if they’re not able to arrive quite on time — the fact that the DTS is nine-months long, gives us a little bit more leeway to make up for late arrivals.

And even if you don’t know anyone, please pray with us for doors to be opened so that all that are meant to do this DTS are able to come: doors of faith, that they would have a strong and certain sense that they are called to be involved; doors of provision, that they would have the confidence that God will supply all of their financial and other needs; doors of favour, that they would have the necessary support from family, friends and church.


And second, we had an amazing time awakening the dawn at David’s Tent during our 5.20am eighty-minute worship session, and we spent yesterday with the YWAM Cambridge family in the studio recording those songs plus a few others — all new songs that God has given us over these last few months.

Taryn explains: To me, to worship in spirit and truth is about laying your whole life down on the altar, just being completely surrendered. Sometimes the sound that comes out of your mouth might sound beautiful, sometimes it might not — but God hears the sound of your heart.

The Bible says man looks at the outward appearance but God looks at the heart. In the same way, man might hear your outward sound, but God hears the songs of your heart, and that’s beautiful to him. So to worship in spirit and in truth is to have your heart tuned to Him and to be singing truly from your heart.

My vision for this album is just to be family and make a joyful noise together. i was talking to some of my friends the other day, as we were doing dishes together, and they said, ‘You know, you write these beautiful songs, and yo want them to sound perfect int he studio’, and I just had this God moment when God helped me overcome my perfectionism and my pride when I said, ‘You know what, I would rather sound messy with my friends than sound perfect by myself’ And this album is about that: about being family and worshipping the Lord together.

This is the most fun i’ve ever had because all my friends are here! It’s just a picture of eternity and what it’s like in heaven–to worship together!

It’s not about having the perfect sound — it’s just about being family!

We are Family. And this is our Sound. This is

Available December 1st 2015.


Thank you for your prayers and all your support! If you would like to give financially, click here.

Your servants in Christ,
Peter & Taryn + Isaac Prescott
(the ‘Praise-God’ family)

Prescott Prayer Letter: See what God’s done!


Come and see what God has done, his awesome deeds for mankind! Psalm 66:5

In our travels recently I’ve bumped into several people that have said how much they appreciate these prayer-letters—and then have immediately commented, ‘…but we haven’t seen one for quite a while!’

It sometimes feels like where Paul would start his missionary epistles with a salutation of ‘Grace and peace’ and then an inspired apostolic prayer for the spiritual strengthening of those reading, I frequently begin my letters with an apology that it’s taken me so long to write! Anyway, here at last is our update—and it is our prayer that you would know how grateful we are for all of your support and partnership in the gospel, and that you would be encouraged to shine brightly for the glory of God in every situation that you find yourself in!

One DTS finishes, another is about to begin
As most of you know, our main responsibility for these last couple of years has been leading the 9-month Revival & Reformation DTS which starts each September, continues in Cambridge until March, and then concludes with the team being sent out on a two-month international outreach for April and May, before they return to Cambridge for a final week of debrief in June.

Debriefing our team when they returned from their outreach in Albania and Macedonia was a real joy and privilege. The week of debrief can sometimes be a little tense and difficult, as tensions that have been simmering for several weeks below the surface suddenly come to the surface. But this team had done a fantastic job of dealing with the challenges that came up and using their gifts to serve the work God was doing in the places they were sent. We even had an email from the leaders of YWAM Albania commending them for “being so organised, committed, and resonating God, having servant hearts and working in harmony, being creative and flexible.” I’m sure Bethany and Hannah won’t mind if you take a peek at their first-hand accounts of the highlights.

No sooner had we concluded the ’14-’15 DTS than we were beginning to look forward to this coming September and start making plans. Several of the trainees who just completed the DTS have felt called to return and join our staff team, so we spent the week immediately after their graduation talking, praying and preparing together for the next Revival & Reformation DTS. One of our team has put together this hundred-second video which captures the heart of it.

The start of the DTS is less than four weeks away, but if you know people who would be interested, there is still space available. I just had an email this afternoon from a girl who was all set to start university but said that “during the last three or so weeks God has been really changing my heart to do something else” — and that something else looks like it might be our DTS! We are praying especially for three more men to sign up. So please pass on the trailer and the link to to all you know!

Our House Church completes Mark’s Gospel

house-church-finishes-markAs well as being involved with leading the Discipleship Training School, we are also involved in discipleship week-in-week-out, as we meet each week in our house with various neighbours and people we’ve met from across the city, for simple discipleship and inductive bible-study.

And almost two years after beginning, we finally finished making our way through Mark’s Gospel! If you like, you can read my notes from our bible studies here. And I’ve written a little here about how this fits with our other church involvement — and why I think it’s so important for everyone to try and find a way to lead out and make disciples of others.

The Privilege of Family

The last time I saw my whole family was two years ago, at my brother's wedding in the USA. This summer was my sister's wedding, so again we were all brought together from across the globe: my parents from Vietnam, my brother and sister-in-law from America. The wedding was here in Cambridge, so we hosted my parents in our guestroom and my sister on our sofa!
We then had a few weeks in India: particularly so that we could join the the ninetieth birthday celebrations of Taryn's grandfather.
We spent time with family in Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Chennai -- and then had a few days by ourselves at the Scripture Union marriage retreat centre in Mahabalipuram.

Please pray for my sister Rebecca (now Mrs. Harland!) and her husband Andrew as they move to East London where they want to reach out to Muslims in the area. And pray also for Taryn’s brother Micah–he’s about to go to Germany to do a DTS with YWAM Herrnhut!

Stepping back to see what God has done!
In the midst of the other things that have been happening over these last couple of months, we’ve been trying to step back and remind ourselves what we do and why we do it.

Before we joined YWAM Cambridge two years ago, there were just two full-time staff: Connie Taylor, and Andy Henman. This September, it looks like will have about twenty, not counting families. If you have the time, I’ve tried to recount the full YWAM Cambridge story thus far on my blog.

Looking forward, Taryn and I are committing to be in Cambridge with YWAM Cambridge for at least the next five years. Last summer, I mentioned that I was considering Anglican ordination — I have decided that I am not to pursue this any time in the next few years. We want to see YWAM Cambridge established as a worshipping missionary community that will continue to train up and send out missionaries for as long as the Great Commission remains unfulfilled. We want to see night and day worship overflowing in mission to the ends of the earth. We want to see revival and reformation impacting every sphere of society and igniting Cambridge with whole-hearted love for God. We want to see an exponentially multiplying movement of discipleship that would fill the earth with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord.

Continue to pray with us for the ancient wells of revival to be unblocked. Continue to pray that God would abundantly supply all our needs according to his riches in glory. Continue to pray that the gospel would go forth with power, and that we would be bold to open our mouths and speak of Jesus.

The next few weeks
This weekend we are at David’s Tent, where we will be one of the worship teams lifting up non-stop praise for seventy-two hours. We’re excited and privileged to be part of this celebration of the extravagant love of Jesus.

We then head straight to Oxford, for the wedding of our good friend — he was best man at our wedding! — Jonny Reid.

The DTS staff should have arrived by Tuesday, in time for us to begin preparing in earnest for the upcoming school.

Peter then heads to Norway from the 8th to the 10th to connect with other Lausanne missionary leaders from Northern Europe.

Then YWAM Cambridge will be having our annual staff retreat, with teaching from Barry Austin, who was the leader of the first-ever DTS in Europe.

And the Revival & Reformation DTS begins on the 21st September.

So pray for us — that in the midst of whatever we might be doing, we would not lose sight of the fact that it is God who works in us, both to will and to work for his good pleasure.

Grace & peace,
Peter, Taryn and Isaac

Prescott Prayer Letter: Press On For The Prize!


I do not regard myself as having laid hold of it yet;
but one thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and reaching forward to what lies ahead,
I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus. (Philippians 3:14)

This, beloved friends, is what we feel God has been highlighting to us as a family: pressing on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call!

Isaac especially has taken it to heart – he has already left far behind the milestone we mentioned in the last prayer-letter (learning to crawl) and is reaching forward to what lies ahead: books ready to be relocated from the shelves to the floor and bits of rubbish waiting to be excavated from the bin! Having learnt to walk without support two days ago, he is pressing on towards the goal (which, at the moment, is the shoe rack, where all the neatly stacked shoes are simply waiting to be rearranged).

Peter mentioned in the last newsletter struggling with the feeling that what we are doing is ‘insignificant’; in this past month, God has addressed that struggle head-on, confirming us that He has indeed called us to be part of raising up a new generation of missionaries and evangelists.

First, we went to Devon on retreat. We weren’t planning to connect with any local ministries, but ended up stumbling across the North Devon House of Prayer on our very first day. Before we knew what was happening, we were being prayed for and prophesied over, anointed with oil and commissioned as revivalists – what an unexpected encouragement! We got to spend some time with Jim and Mary, the couple running the house of prayer, and were amazed and encouraged by similarities in our journeys as couples, too numerous to be coincidence. We were reminded that God is building his House of Prayer, and all the seemingly meaningless struggles are actually allowed by Him in His sovereignty.

Then, we attended the YWAM UK & Ireland Gathering in Harpenden. A brother from Argentina, Alejandro Rodriguez, brought a simple but profound word which hit the nail on the head: “If God has called you to be a missionary, then obey Him, persevere, press on! Unless He leads you clearly in another direction, commit for life to what He has called you to do.” Peter and I found ourselves on our knees in tears, re-surrendering our lives to the Lord’s call, and Peter felt the Holy Spirit encouraging him:
“…I had a mental image through which I felt God speaking powerfully, of a butterfly: small, fragile, beautiful, yes–but almost insignificant in its vulnerability. And yet a single flap of its wings can make the difference in the chaos (to our finite minds!) of the atmosphere between there being a hurricane (and the “love like a hurricane” of which the song speaks) or a mere breeze; and God wants those of us who feel small and insignificant to faithfully flap our small, vulnerable, but-to-Him-beautiful wings, and thus release these hurricanes of love!; and God wants those of us who feel like caterpillars to not be afraid that we don’t appear able even to flap, for he can transform us completely.”

Third, Peter finally signed up to attend the official graduation ceremony where he would receive his Cambridge M.A. degree (a peculiar long-standing tradition states that that Cambridge graduates are automatically entitled to this two years after completion of the B.A.) His grandparents were able to be there, and, amidst much pomp, doffing of mortarboards and ceremonial Latin, he received his certificate. After taking pictures on the Senate House lawns, the graduates dispersed, perhaps to go to pubs with their friends and subtly compare accolades and pay checks. But as we sat in a little sandwich shop with two dear friends and supporters, Peter still in his fur-trimmed graduation gown, and they asked us about our ministry and poured love and encouragement into us, it was as though God was affirming what we have chosen to do with our lives after graduating from college.

As part of our response to the call to commit, I am in the process of applying for British citizenship. This means I will have to give up Indian citizenship, but I am still eligible for something called an Overseas Citizen of India card, which is like a lifetime visa. When all three of us have the same citizenship, it will make it much easier to travel together.

In a week, our DTS will return from Albania and Macedonia, and after a week of debrief and feedback, they will graduate! We give thanks to the Lord for His great faithfulness in getting us through another DTS. We celebrate what He has done, and press on towards summer outreach, the September 2015 DTS and our first ever Cambridge SBS (the ‘School of Biblical Studies‘, in which participants spend nine months in in-depth inductive study of every single chapter of every book of the Bible). We lift our eyes even further, and press on towards seeing night and day prayer in Cambridge overflowing in missions to the ends of the earth!

With much love,
Peter, Taryn and Isaac